Do It Now:
Using Design to
Overcome Procrastination

Wan-Jung Hung’s master’s thesis, Do It Now: Overcoming Procrastination, focuses on the moments when people notice they are procrastinating. Her design interventions aim to change the direction of decision-making—from putting off tasks, to reframing those tasks, to taking care of them immediately. 



Sep- Dec

Research: literature reviews, subject-matter experts interviews...

Exploring and prototyping (weekly sprint): 100 ideas, physical products, apps, services, business models.


Jan - May

Research: literature reviews, experts interviews, system mapping, requirement analysis...

Prototyping and developing (in three months): thesis as an app -, thesis as an experience - It's time to nail it, thesis as a service, and business - Nail it, thesis as a futuring product - Mary-Kate.


May 2

Presenting Thesis: Do It Now in SVA Theater.

Publishing Thesis book.

Mark-Kate exhibited in NYC Design Week.


Feb - Apr

Working with engineer on and creating a working prototype for user-testing.

All works © Wan Jung Hung 2021

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