Flip it

Flip it, which is a hanger for people to hang their clothes and accessories on, is designed to perfectly balance in three dimensions with a simple look.

Year: 2011

Team project with Yuhao Chiu

My Role: Market research, 3D modeling, prototyping.


Without a clip, a flexible rubber strip attached on the hanger is useful for socks and pants.

The special coating on the angle is to add friction when clothes are hanged.

The curve one the back of the hanger is easy for storage.

In Depth

Nowadays, people live in a crowded place. People need to maintain their living space by storing their goods as well, but they cannot stop buying things to satisfy themselves. To reorganize becomes a big issue.


Designers started with the product they daily use – hangers. They conducted users interview and defined several problems. Wire hangers are easily to tangle together. Some clothes like tank tops and socks slip all over the place.