Enerskin is an innovative sportswear brand with a focus on compression clothing. With their patented technology, a full line of shirts, shorts, arm and leg sleeves is available for men and women who desire to improve their athletic performance, prevent injuries, and shorten their muscle recovery time. To effectively tell the Enerskin’s brand story, the director and I redesigned the official website with a new photography direction and created materials for seasonal campaign, content production and email marketing. 

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Year: 2016-2017

What I did for Enerskin

E-commerce Development

Branding Strategy  

User Experience (Did customer service to discover problems proactively.)

Content Creation


Enerskin first launched their website in 2015. Despite their business growth, the contents were outdated and repetitive. In order to attract more customers, a big change on branding was needed to provide customers with a better shopping experience.


Competitor Analysis

Customer Service

Web/ Mobile Wireframe


New Website Launch

New Product Line Launch

Marketing Campaign

Art Direction (Photography)
Wireframe (tech page, landing page, product page)
Wireframe (high fidelity)
The Outcome
  1. Reducing bounce rate by providing clear information of what products can do for them. If customers want to know more, they could read through the technology pages backed up by academic research and athletes from different sports.

  2. Driving more traffic and increasing retention rate by fulfilling contents on marketing campaign. I worked with the marketing team to gather users information and create visual stories.

  3. Providing a better shopping experience by integrating the sizing guide for all products. Choosing the correct size is always one of the bigger problems for clients. I worked with engineers to make an interactive guide and get rid of the old and complicated process.